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Acuregen Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture Academy, Clinic & Products   

Founded by Amanda Shayle over a decade ago, Acuregen is a training organisation and innovation-led product house with expertise in the field of cosmetic facial acupuncture and a unique blend of the latest technology such as polychromatic LED Light Therapy.

These services are aimed at medical professionals, acupuncturists and doctors.   Now a global network of Acuregen-trained can  offer clients our  very special, effective treatments.

Pending our New Website Our shop is not working –  All shoppers please contact Amanda directly:

More About Us


For the professional, our patented  Thrive intradermal needle range offers an efficient, flexible, effective and pain-reduced option for clients.  The needles were designed by Amanda for safety, ease of use and total comfort for our clients so they Feel Loved and Look Loved. No numbing cream needed! It just reduces the response to this therapy.  Our special techniques are additionally taught to avoid discomfort.

PRE ORDER OR JOIN THE CLUB Either way you get 2013 prices.

I am excited to announce that we have a new shipment of Thrive Intradermal needles now in production in China. This will arrive early in the New Year – date to be confirmed. Shipping will be charged at flat rates of £7.50 plus VAT UK and £15 plus VAT Europe , $30 no VAT USA – irrespective of the size of the order.

Option 1: The most discounted pre-order option with no membership needed Complete the order form and pay your invoice now.

Option 2- with membership: Your best deal! – You have to pay membership now and any pre-order is the membership price.  Your wish list is non compulsory but you can buy as you need throughout the year and your discount is secure.

Please contact Amanda and her team at for an application form and details of the pricing.

About us continued…

InLight Wellness Polychromatic LED Light Therapy is our latest addition, giving a three-in-one treatment with healing and beauty benefits.  This USA-made, FDA-cleared system contains the latest technology and a complete synergistic approach to ensure maximum and prolonged tissue/skin response.

The Acuregen Academy,  is a permanent training school in East Finchley, North London.  We offer a rounded service for practitioners and consumers with courses, products, treatments and one-to-one consultations.

Courses are certified by both The College of Chinese Medicine and the Acuregen Academy.  They are accredited by The Acupuncture Society and ABT, for microneedling only.

A Balen group insurance scheme is now available for graduates of our courses.  We are also proud to announce that we are an approved NCCAOM and CA Board Education provider.  This means we meet the highest values and standards of training possible.  We are the only UK trainer in facial rejuvenation to have USA Education Provider status.

Acuregen Skincare Range   Our natural skincare ranges are natural and free from any nasties or fillers. All products are formulated for utmost effectiveness and are suitable   for all skin types.

Get in touch with us or explore our pages, learn about our services, treatments, practitioner products, skincare and cosmetics…and start your journey of holistic wellbeing now.

Before. Sagging and constitutional issues

After, Tightening of skin and lifting and a healthier glow