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Photography kind permission of Inspirational Nature Pictures by Miyuki Miura


Amanda practices and teaches, internationally, other medical practitioners her Acuregen system of cosmetic acupuncture. She defines these treatments as “The use of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) theory and techniques, to enhance wellbeing and lifestyle in order to promote and maintain a reduction of the signs of aging.”

The finest specialist needles are used in the body and face supported by a wide range of non acupuncture therapies to maximise results. A course of between 6 and 12 treatments are recommended, followed with maintenance sessions. Patients report their experience as a non painful, relaxing and enjoyable treat often with unexpected health issues being resolved. Amanda uses her own, patent pending, Thrive (TM) needles for maximum effect and comfort.

We want to make our treatments affordable for everyone and can also offer Cosmetic Acupuncture in our student training clinic at reduced rates.  We are launching our Community multi-bed clinic enabling us to offer affordable acupuncture from January 2018 – please enquire by email or telephone. OAP concessionary prices available at all times.

All sessions by Appointment to 07778 267778 or email

We provide treatments for all adults and accompanied children.


Acupuncture £85 follow up £65

Chinese Herbal Medicine Price according to weight


(including massage, other treatments and  facial treatment products as appropriate). The initial session is up to 1 hour and 30 minutes long when a full medical history will be taken as well as issues discussed.

Acuregen Cosmetic Acupuncture with Inlight LED Light Therapy™ £195 – 1.5 hrs

Acuregen 6 session programme £895

Acuregen 12 session programme £1595


These treatments include the use of a ‘dermaroller’, providing evidence-based outcomes for ‘collagen induction’.  This, combined with other techniques and Amanda’s own range of pure cosmetics offers a relaxing and effective beauty-enhancing experience.  As with cosmetic acupuncture, a course of treatments is recommended and is usually punctuated by cosmetic acupuncture sessions. Our use of Clinicare EGF technology in specially-developed peptide-infused masks and serums promotes the healing and growth of new collagen. We never roll skin on the first treatment – this will be explained at the first session.

Advanced Cosmetic Acupuncture with Medical Microneedling & LED Light Therapy™ – £250 – 1.5 hrs

Acuregen 6 session programme £1070

Acuregen 12 session programme £1950

Acuregen Prevent/Repair Programme: Ideal for 20s and 30s.  Skin response enhanced and delays/prevents the need to use Botox/fillers.  Frequency of sessions required is also reduced.  Also for acne and other skin conditions

Acuregen Prevent/Repair Programme™ £795 – 1 hr sessions

Acuregen Non-needling Facials: Try our gorgeous sculpting facial.

Only Acuregen Founder,  Amanda Shayle delivers this using her special blend of indian Face massage, a unique system of Chinese Facial techniques and often combining this with facial cupping, soft Gua Sha, Jade Roller and vibrational therapy with Acutonics forks.

£110 – 1 hr

Tuning fork Treatments (vibrational/Sound therapy) Scared of needles? An incredibly relaxing body treatment for pain and general relaxation.  Tune out totally and get with the vibe!

 £75 – 1 hr

Soundscapes Facial™ from USA £110


Microsystems acupuncture is the use of specific anatomical parts of the body as representative of the whole (such as the ear or hand) with identified zones used to treat specific health issues.  Traditional Chinese medicine theory does apply and simple needle prescriptions can be used instead of needling the whole body.
The advantages are that treatments are relatively short, less invasive and patients do not have to undress.  Auricular (ear) acupuncture is the most recognised microsystem and is widely used within the British prison service (as a group therapy situation) to assist in addiction and alcohol abuse.
Amanda is on the Register of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council CNHC – a corgi-like badge of quality and safety and preferred by NHS healthcare providers.  She offers Microsystems options to patients as well as supporting her traditional treatments for patient comfort and efficacy.  Tiny needles or magnets may be used and kept in place for a few days to prolong treatment benefits.  This approach is also valuable in obstetrics, stress and dental patients.

The initial consultation is 45 minutes when a full medical history will be taken.  Subsequent sessions are 30 minutes.

First appointment £55  Follow ups £40


Incredible healing affects with FDA-clearance for improvement in circulation and pain relief.

Perceived as ‘the new needle’.  This rejuvenating treatment enhances wellness, mood, heals tissue (including wounds such as sores). Our system uses special progressive pulsing frequencies and polychromatic light.  This means that the body does not get used to this therapy and can be used indefinitely whilst other systems cannot give prolonged results after more than 2 weeks regular exposure. As essential addition for winter months to maintain general health and enhance immune system.

Light can assist in skin problems, brain function, muscular skeletal problems, and beauty enhancement.  Find out more on our new page on LED Light.

 LED Light Therapy £40 – 20 mins, £60 – 40 mins

Course of 6 recommended £225


This is an effective and gentle alternative to acupuncture, particular for muscular-skeletal problems.  Amanda uses her own oils to enhance results.  Children and the elderly are always happy to receive this treatment approach.

The initial consultation of up to 1 hour 15 minutes Subsequent sessions are 1 hour charged  Herbal preparations (including therapeutic creams)

£55 to £65


Ionitherme treatments were established in France and were originally used for the prevention of cellulitis in the knee area. It was discovered that the use of galvanic current made cells very leaky and allowed lymph drainage in areas where ‘circulation’ was trapped.  It has since become established in the treatment of cellulite and is combined with faradic current and thermal clay. Facial treatments stimulate facial circulation and is particularly useful in the delicate eye area.  Beautiful products and masks and massage are used in conjunction with massage probes to reduce puffiness, lift and tone skin.  This is a painless and relaxing treatment and may well be combined with other techniques Amanda feels are appropriate offering a completely unique approach to its use.  Ionitherme’s UK distributer asked Amanda to demonstrate body lift treatments on their behalf on Vogue magazine’s editorial staff a few years ago.

Ionitherme Body Sculpting  or Ionitherme Facial £95

Course of 6 recommended – £495

Reflexology By Tessa Findley –  £45