Our clinic is in East Finchley N2 Appointments (preferably) by email to or by telephone at 07778267778.

We have a team of Acuregen therapists working with Amanda to deliver treatments 7 days a week.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a useful therapy across all forms of general practice. Sadly, despite a long history of efficacy, there is currently only a small selection of conditions with an accepted robust evidence base by the medical community.
Amanda has been in practice for some years now and has personal experience of positive clinical outcomes with patients presenting with a wide range of conditions.

Amanda’s clinical experience of positive outcomes include:

Digestive problems, muscular-skeletal, and pathology ranging from ENT infections, bronchitis, coldsores, arthritis to Parkinson’s and facial palsy.
Additionally Amanda has supported the negative effects of chemotherapy, chronic fatigue and stress related issues.
She has particular experience with dermatological conditions, women’s health and male and female infertility and has focussed much of her continued professional training in these areas.
The Initial session is up to 1 hour 15 minutes long and will cost £85. Subsequent sessions are 1 hour and are charged at £75.

Chinese herbal medicine may be prescribed at no more than £20 when combined with acupuncture.

Chinese herbal medicine consultations are charged at £65 for the initial consultation of up to 1 hour and subsequent appointments of 45 minutes are £55.

Herbal prescriptions may contain whole or powdered herbs, lotions, ointments, creams, tinctures or capsules as appropriate.

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