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A gentle treatment with our special needles

A gentle treatment with our special needles

Over many years we have received some wonderful feedback from patients who have either beauty concerns or skin problems.  We would like to share these with you and also some before and after shots to demonstrate how effective we really are.

The introduction of our skincare ranges: Anti-ageing and Derme, for very sensitive skin and inflamed conditions, has just enhanced our work and enabled our clients to ‘treat’ themselves at home.  Research undertaken by Amanda Shayle on how to make skin changes shows that slow, gentle repetitive care is what is required.

We can, of course, add to this with Tradtional Chinese herbal medicine and our prescription herbal creams – made in-house.

Amanda and her team in East Finchley headquarters are available to answer any questions – just contact us on or call us at 020 8248 7739.


What our patients say:

Feedback from a client of one of our graduates:  After a few sessions of cosmetic acupuncture with A, I feel and look 10 years younger! I’m not kidding, I compared how I look now and on my old pictures, on which I can very clearly see wrinkles around my eyes and lips – they are much smaller now! My friends noticed the change too! I am now very pleased with the view in the mirror while doing my make up 🙂 A helped me to smooth my wrinkles to the point that I changed my hair style, showing my forehead. My face looks so much younger and brighter, skin gained healthier texture and tone. I feel wonderful. I am 100% convinced that it is worth to invest in facial rejuvenation acupuncture treatments with A, it really worked for my face and improved my feeling of wellbeing. A needled some points on the whole body too, alongside the facial treatment, as she said that beauty comes from within and in order to look good, the whole body system needs to be in balance (which makes sense to me). As a result, I found that facial rejuvenation acupuncture also helped me to de-stress and sleep better! I also got some naturopathic advice, which I follow and feel I am greatly benefiting from it. To sum up – after a few treatments I feel younger, sexy and I now think that it is possible not only to stop the clock, but also move it back. Time flies, but my skin looks younger than before. I think that the feeling of wellbeing is very important, so I will definitely continue with the maintenance treatments, as I personally checked that they work and would recommend A to everyone.”

– BC, 41, West Molesey

“I have never given any attention to my skin but am using the products  every day…….. I am certainly noticing a difference. . I am going to ask one of my patients to try the rebalancing gel. it is ridiculous. A young girl with bad psoriasis and arthritis. She just had her methotrexate doubled because she was still having to use E45 on her skin! Honestly, it is so much easier for me. It is like having two different lives! Are you in contact with dermatologists about your creams?”