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Acuregen Thrive Standard 0.18 x 6 mm copper 200 p/box

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Quick Overview

Thrive Standard, finer 0.18 gauge x 6 mm (copper handle):


Different lengths are suitable for different areas of the face and skin resistence. It is important to give this flexibility to the practitioner. Less discomfort for client.
The flat rectangular tag allows for manual insertion and withdrawal as well as with tweezers. Manual insertion and withdrawal around the eye area avoids risks of needles accidentally being dropped in the patient’s eye.
Less waste and cost effective in time and materials as it is clear which specification of needle is selected.

Recommended Use

Thicker fleshier parts of the skin
Areas for richer simulation

Features and specification
These needles bear the kite CE mark: CE 0197
Needles are sold in boxes containing 200 needles – 100 size boxes also available


£25.00 £20.83


Our Thrive intradermal needles are safe and efficient for clinical use. These are colour-coded for clear visibility during insertion and removal with a innovative design for ease of manual or tweezer handling. Presented individual in pads to ensure safety with use near the face.


  1. aculoginregen


    From one of our students
    Your needles are so superior to the invisible ones I keep losing in people’s ears, beehives, eyebrows etc that I’m gagging to get my hands on your little beauties.

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