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The following list is a student safety guide used prior undertaking course. We aim to protect the health and safety of students in training and also those they practise on during and after the course.

If you suffer from any medical conditions that you feel are relevant, please inform us prior to class treatments so that we can assess you suitability for such treatment.  In the case of pregnancy, for example, we will not permit you to receive a treatment but you can return to experience it once baby is born!

Please don’t forget your glasses as this can be fine work and also requires good hand-eye co-ordination with fine motor skills.

Please do feel free to contact me confidentially if you have any questions or special learning or cultural requirements – it is our pleasure to assist you with these.

Where there is any doubt please consult your GP.

You must also have eaten about 2 hours prior to treatment (please inform tutor if you haven’t!)

– If there anything else we should know about your health, please let the tutor know.
– These factors would require consideration prior to treating your clients or during assignment.